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Say Goodbye To Network Disruptions

Nexapp's Network Business Continuity Solution guards against various disruptions by providing several essential services. Our services help build network diversity and provide network redundancy, with on-hand equipment for maintenance and replacement of faulty devices.

Multi-WAN Topology, high resilience network with automatic fallbacks between wired and wireless topologies delivering highest system availability

Get the performance you need for every location in your network

A strong business continuity plan enables enterprises to maintain the key functions on which employees and customers rely. With Nexapp's Network Business Continuity Solution, you can forget about connection failures and other issues disrupting your critical processes, and be certain that any service degradation will be resolved in no time.

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A robust business continuity plan allows organizations to
maintain their essential services up and running.
With Nexapp’s Network Business Continuity solution, you
can be rest assured that connection failures and any other
issues won’t be disrupting your critical processes,
with any service degradation fixed in a timely manner.
Path Diversity

Clients get the autonomy to create a diverse network by combining various ISPs, last-mile options, and local look technologies. Nexapp’s comprehensive end-to-end diversity offering ensures network resilience.

Managed Services

Nexapp monitors the client’s network connectivity 24/7, immediately alerting of possible disruptions before the clients are affected. With Nexapp, you can enjoy business continuity without the administrative hassle.

Application Prioritization

Keeping our customers’ processes running smoothly is crucial. With Nexapp, network administrators improve traffic visibility & simplify configuration management, ensuring availability of applications.

4G LTE As Backup

Nexapp’s mobile internet service offers customers a backup internet failover solution. Our LTE internet failover allows clients to constantly be connected to their assets even if their primary connection goes down.

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Providing fast & agile IoT deployments, along with Zero Touch Provisioning

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