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Networking for Remote Work Connectivity
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Bringing the Office Home: Nexapp's Dedicated Enterprise Network``

Nexapp's Dedicated Enterprise Network redefines remote work, seamlessly bringing the corporate office experience to employees' homes. With uninterrupted connectivity, robust security, and efficient collaboration, it transforms home offices into productive workspaces. Elevate your remote work strategy with Nexapp's innovation.

Empowering Work from Anywhere with Seamless Connectivity

In the ever-evolving landscape of flexible work arrangements, Nexapp's Remote Network emerges as a pivotal solution, placing the power of work-from-anywhere in the hands of modern professionals. Let's delve into how Nexapp is reshaping connectivity for the contemporary remote workforce.
Hybrid WAN

Hybrid WAN maximizes uptime, increases availability and multiplies traffic management capabilities

Zero Touch Provisioning

Connect within days with Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) along with centralized orchestration for provisioning and configuration of policies

Network EDGE Monitoring

Increased network uptime with centralized network management, simplified policy generation, and proactive & reactive network troubleshooting

Advanced Edge Security

Advanced Edge Security offers Fips-based encryption, authentication, and control along with an additional layer of MAC security and an advanced firewall

Plug N Play

Simply connect at the branch site and provision devices centrally, eliminating the logistical challenges of dispatching expert technicians to locations

Intelligent Analytics

Optimize your network with intelligent network insights and powerful edge analytics, giving you a holistic view of all your branches

Instaroute SD-Branch
All-In-One Solution


Wireless SD-WAN

Bring in simplicity, speed, and flexibility with ease of deployment including last-mile and complete hands-on NOC services with proactive wireless management


Day 1 Deployment

No more waiting for weeks on end for a successful deployment. With sim activation, Nexapp aims for deployment in just a day


Temporary Network

Hassle-free network connectivity deployment for temporary networks. Nexapp provides the feasibility for networks that require to be relocated or are set up for a short period

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Enterprise-Grade Security

With robust encryption and secure connections, employees can work with confidence

Centralized Management

IT teams can oversee network configurations, troubleshoot issues, and ensure a consistent,secure network experience

Scalability for Remote Work Growth

Easily adapt to the growing demands of remote work by seamlessly

Elevate Your Home Office Experience with Nexapp's Enterprise Transformation

Nexapp revolutionizes home offices into dedicated enterprise spaces. Seamlessly integrating connectivity, security, and efficiency, Nexapp ensures a transformative and productive remote work experience
  • Continuous authentication and authorization for enhanced security.
  • Secure access from any location, adapting to changing network conditions.
  • Prioritizing protection for applications against unauthorized access.
  • Intuitive design for a seamless and secure user experience.


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Work From Anywhere

Deployments | NOC Services

Hardware Appliance

Instaroute has been design, built and developed by Nexapp Technologies in India, with an aim to resolve ground challenges of network availability

A next generation Software defined WAN EDGE product with Cloud Driven Network Deployment Orchestrator integrated with wireline and wireless WAN EDGE Network, providing seamless business continuity along with security & control


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Having successfully worked with various sectors and enterprises, Nexapp has something for all

Integrated WAN with LTE , Wireline with Instaroute

How Instaroute Helps with Day -1 Deployment Network

With the help of LTE, you can work from anywhere, anytime

Recognized by Govt of India DIPP for Innovation in IoT WAN (DIPP23147) India.

10 Most Promising | Enterprise Networking | Solution Providers | 2019 India.

Notable Vendor 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure in APAC.

Recognized as A Promising Company by the Indian Achievers Forum


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