Streamline Your Retail Empire with a Nexapp’s Unified Solution

The modern shopper is said to have high demands and for a competitive enterprise it is essential to meet these expectations. Retailers must adapt to evolving shopping methods by reassessing their in-store experiences. A smart-digital store approach is often the key, as it effectively engages shoppers and provides personalized experiences.

To increase these personalized experiences, there is an increase in demand for IOT devices, cloud applications, AI integration and linked smart devices which can aid customers’ do their work for them. This is where fast and secure bandwidth to provide support to these applications becomes not only an added option, but a necessity.

Nexapp’s SD-Branch solutions help retailers to efficiently manage and implement a secure, high-performance network that spans all their locations, encompassing stores, warehouses, distribution centers and other ecommerce platforms, which in turn facilitates in optimizing customer satisfaction and meeting revenue targets.  

Few of the benefits of Nexapp’s SD-Branch in the retail sector:

1. Visibility across all branches

By leveraging cloud-based management tools, IT can access a unified dashboard, providing full network visibility across all locations. This intuitive platform enables effortless monitoring and quick issue resolution at each branch, streamlining and troubleshooting processes. With centralized policy management across all locations, operations become more efficient and in sync, boosting overall productivity.

2. Hassle free deployments for new stores

Wireless edge networking solutions can be easily installed even without the presence of IT staff on-site. Cloud-based features enable zero-touch deployment, ensuring secure and immediate Internet access for new stores. With just a few simple steps, a store manager can have the router up and running within minutes.

3. Cost-effective network

Shifting from MPLS to WAN can reduce cost by almost 30-40% which is very benefiting for any retail enterprise. Cost saving does not always mean the security is compromised, regular firewall updates are pushed to ensure maximum security for all the connected devices. Remote network monitoring and manageability without any physical visits helps save more time and money.

4. Instant Error recognition

Leveraging advanced analytics, NOC team can proactively detect and address mission-critical application and network service issues, preventing any potential impact on shoppers or business operations. There is no extra time wasted in locating where the problem is arising.

5. Network traffic segregation

A unified approach across wired, wireless, LAN, and WLAN allows precise user and device control throughout the network, ensuring separate traffic streams for shoppers, corporates, and IoT. These easily managed end-to-end policies provide remote visibility per device and streamline the addition of new devices.

6. Secured payment credentials

Retailers can ensure security by implementing network segmentation to protect cardholder data, while role-based access control restricts access to authorized personnel only. Regular updates to the firewall are applied to secure the payment gateways of various platforms effectively.

Hence, Nexapp’s SD-Branch solution fits the bill for requirements of the retail industry as it provides industry-leading wireless, wired, and SD-WAN cloud-managed capabilities. With an emphasis on performance, reliability, and security, the solution guarantees the best experience for both the enterprise and the customers as well.

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