Get Cloud Ready With Nexapp's Instaroute SD-WAN

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Instaroute SD-WAN At A Glance

Get Cloud Ready With Nexapp's Instaroute SD-WAN

The Cloud provides a next-generation SD Networking Architecture with a focus on core business, by reducing overall TCO and proactively managing downtime and increasing efficiency.

Instaroute SD-WAN Suite


Instaroute SD-WAN EDGE Appliance Suit provides a wide range of on-site network connectivity. The cloud-based platform helps monitor, manage as well as configure connectivity


Instaroute Cloud Gateway Suit provides greater communication with LTE industrial Grade, LTE WAN Routers and EDGE Computing Gateway which helps connect your SD-WAN EDGE network to your data centers


The Cloud provides a next-generation SD Networking Architecture with a focus on core business, by reducing overall TCO and proactively managing downtime and increasing efficiency


Instaroute Analytics suit, provides the flow of network analysis, pushing industry-leading dynamic path selection, multiple WAN MBB &LTE SIM as a single-window along with consolidating procurement, deployment and billing

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SD-WAN Operations

Link Aggregation

Balancing traffic helps improve capacity and resiliency across links. Instaroute supports multiple link aggregation scenarios for the internet and MPLS. Providing the active-active mode, as well as the active-passive and active-active-passive, there is an instant switch in traffic to the best available networks.

Dynamic Path Selection

Dynamic Path Selection helps with a greater network experience. By monitoring link quality metrics, Instaroute is able to pin down applications to specific transports and restrict business-critical applications to symmetric and high-quality fiber links.

Bandwidth Management & QoS

Bandwidth Management rules focus on aligning network usage with business intent, making sure the critical application receives upstream and downstream capacity. Administrators can easily modify or create these rules.

Packet Loss Mitigation

Nexapp PoP instantly detects lost packets. When there is a jump in the packet loss, the change is automatically detected and the traffic switches to alternative links connecting to the site, intelligently resuming the use of primary links to avoid link flapping.

Configuration and Management

Management Application

Nexapp offers a unified management interface for networking and security infrastructure. Customers and partners can configure, manage, and troubleshoot their networks and gain visibility into the SD-WAN.

Real-time analytics

Real-time network analytics helps in troubleshooting problems, by offering metrics on jitter, packet loss, latency, packet discarded, throughput, and dropped packets for both upstream and downstream traffic

Zero-touch deployment

Branch deployment challenges that require IT professionals are now addressed with zero-touch deployment. With the availability of the internet, Nexapp PoP automatically connects and configures these deployments.

Recognized by Govt of India DIPP for Innovation in IoT WAN (DIPP23147) India.

10 Most Promising | Enterprise Networking | Solution Providers | 2019 India.

Notable Vendor 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure in APAC.

Recognized as A Promising Company by the Indian Achievers Forum


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