5G and IoT Solutions with Instaroute

All the experts around the globe have agreed on one thing, being 5G will be bringing a spur in innovation across businesses and industries and will make way of technologies, in turn changing the way next-gen will operate.

One such innovation that will change or rather is already in the process of changing the world of technology is IoT. With a forecast of having IoT connections in the millions within a few years, 5G will completely transform the IoT environment. 5G being a simplified set up, it promises to give us maximized growth. Making 5g IoT connectivity a key part of industry growth.

5G: Unleashing the full potential of IoT

The buzz and craze around 5g is not just all that. With all this hype, 5G is revolutionizing technology in the world of internet and smart living. An IoT gateway here will play a crucial role in connecting sensors and various devices to the cloud.

Let’s delve a little deeper into exploring 5G and IoT. As mentioned before and no doubt by many others, 5G poses to provide futuristic and unique opportunities across various industries.

  • Autonomy and remote control – Smart Manufacturing includes some of the key applications for 5G IoT, which includes remotely controlling of heavy equipment to autonomous collaborative robots that work on factory floors to complete tasks, 5G has the low latency needed to achieve these capabilities.
  • Digital twinning – Mostly seen in construction, manufacturing, and production, a digital twin is a virtual model that is designed to reflect an object precisely based on the information gathered from cameras and sensor data. These models are used to run simulations, analyze performance issues, and apply direct updates to the original object.
  • HD video streaming with AI – Due to its low latency and increased bandwidth, video streaming with mass detection, facial recognition and AI-driven surveillance is not futuristic anymore. Intersection cameras can now make informed decisions to monitor roads, construction site cameras can scan QR codes on helmets to detect safety breaches, and many such steps can be taken for the betterment and improvement of the society.

Benefits of 5G IoT Solutions –

  1. Greater speed in transmissions
  2. Increased number of devices connected
  3. Lower latency
  4. Network Slicing

Instaroute SD-IoT and 5G

Nexapp is not far behind when it comes to talking about innovation and growth. With everything moving towards 5G, Nexapp’s Instaroute is ready for the transformation and excited about what is on its way. Whenever India is ready for 5G, we are all hands on deck to provide enhanced IoT solutions with 5G technology.

Some use cases where Instaroute SD-IoT will make a difference.

  1. Smart traffic mobility – 5G IoT applications enable sharing live traffic information and road conditions. These smart mobility and driver assistance services require 5G communication devices in vehicles, and roadside sensors infrastructure. By collecting and analyzing the real time traffic data that is gathered from the roadside infrastructure and the vehicles on the road, such Intelligent Transportation Systems could prevent many on road issues and in turn increase efficiency.
  2. Smart grid automation – 5G allows us to inculcate real time management and automate the smart electricity grid. The maintenance can be optimized once faults are detected which in turn will help to provide rapid solutions. Due to the low cost of 5G, utility operators are progressively updating their grids with new sensors, control systems and integrating renewable energy resources.
  3. Smart City – Smart cities use 5G and IoT devices to collect real time data, understand demand patterns, and respond with faster, more cost-effective solutions. 5G aims to unleash the potential of the IoT and become the driving force of smart cities by addressing and overcoming all connectivity issues. People no longer have to travel from place to place for hours.
  4. Video surveillance – Another 5G-based IoT application that is expected to thrive is video surveillance. Today, the government is ready to invest in surveillance systems and public security. Today’s CCTV systems are based on a wired connection, but using a wireless network can lead to quick setup and reduced costs, improved connectivity and performance compared to a wired system.

Along with these, Nexapp is venturing into many other areas of smart living and technology, like smart manufacturing, environmental monitoring, smart service and smart medical.

To know more about Instaroute and how Nexapp is making a change in the world of internet and technology, head over to Nexapp Technologies.