AI Driven SD-WAN Solutions


The last decade has brought with it changes that have now become a part of our day to day lives now. Terms that used to seem alien to us at first, are something that is understood by every second person today. Terms like Machine Learning (ML), IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence), AR (Augmented Reality) so on and so forth. This list of words has slowly yet suddenly become an essential part of our vocabulary. So much so that, unconsciously we use these very terms without even thinking twice about it.

With SD-WAN zooming into the market and making a place for itself in a world that trusted MPLS with closed eyes for so many years. It is no surprise when AI, ML, IoT join hands with SD-WAN.

SD-WAN is required to keep pace with the constant change in technology and the constant need for traffic management. Hence, AI and ML are being used in various spaces. Quickly and efficiently being deployed to IT industries, bring in a significant change in the way humans use and see technology.

How AI Driven WAN Is Transforming Network Operations?

  • AI Driven WAN has the capability to detect even the smallest anomaly, which helps in identifying and fixing problems much faster.
  • Helps saves time for deploying changes and effectively managing networking issues, as well as helping SD-WAN adjust to new situations.
  • Automation eliminated human error, which in turn reduces the downtime
  • Helps simplify network operations as well as performance
  • Deeper understanding of network application performance, in turn helps in resolving issues.  
  • Provides with automated statistical planning which helps in capacity planning.
  • Smart analytics including intelligent alerts and recommendations
  • Helps in providing higher visibility which is essential for network security and application performance management.

The Future

AI Driven WAN is not a thing of the future anymore. It is here and happening as we speak. Many vendors have already started the process to bring in AI driven solutions to the market. The future is now and we are living and breathing in it.

To conclude, deployment of AI systems over SD-WAN solutions is helping save a lot of time, along with helping detect and fix network problems even before they start to hamper the business. Today, with the COVID-19 pandemic taking over all our lives, it has also brought a huge shift in the way we see and use technology. With a rise in the use of IoT devices, COVID-19 has accelerated AI adoption.

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