Are IoT Gateways and Routers the same thing?


In the networking sector, we have come across times when we are not sure about the exact usage of different industrial equipments.

Many such equipments may seem to come across to have similar functions, but they may have different functions.

One such incident always occurs between understanding the exact functioning of industrial routers and industrial gateways.

Gateways VS Routers

Routers: Routers help in data transmission by connecting mechanical equipment to the network (serial link to IP)

Routers: Provides various ways to network and network security functions.

Routers:: Solves issues regarding data transmission security along with making sure the business data is secure

Routers:: Can be used with the help of 4G cellular network, which helps access the network quickly and conveniently. (auto failure)/ helps in business continuity

Gateways: There are two types of Industrial Routers: Transparent transmission gateway and cloud gateway/edge computing gateway

Gateways: Transparent gateways convert serial port data into IP data, focusing on convenient and fast information transmission.

Gateways: Edge computing gateways process data while transmitting data.

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