Building Connection In A Disconnected Workplace


There is no denying the fact that the pandemic changed lives in many different ways. Every individual going through many different things in varied capacities. Organizations and its employees have all been affected in ways that we are still trying to cope with and find a way to function.

With the concept of work from home / work from anywhere is taking over the work culture, wherein some organizations have declared this to be the permanent way of working, employees are slowly getting the hit of being disconnected to the workplace and its people.

The effects of WFH

As every coin has two sides, the situation of employees working from home is also a two-way street. Along with bringing in more productivity and employees being able to spend more time with the family members, working from home also brings in exhaustion, blurring of the line between personal life and professional life and another key factor being employees losing touch with their colleagues and the sense of being disconnected to all unless it’s a work-related issue.

It is important to have a work buddy, who is your sounding board. With offices being remote now, individuals have been devoid of lunch breaks together or taking some time off between work and chatting with one another over tea. Though this may seem like a small thing to pay attention to, these situations do end up having greater consequences.

How can organizations help?

With these difficulties coming up, it is up to organizations to make sure their people are doing okay, having a space to talk and ultimately don’t burnout with extensive work. So what steps can organizations take to help?

  1. Making workplace connection a ritual – Making sure that at least once a week employees meet up with each other virtually over tea/coffee sessions where work related topics are not discussed. Along with offering praises, like having Gratitude Mondays.
  2. Make it easier to ask for support – Many individuals hesitate to come up and seek help and ask for support at work. Creating reciprocity rings will help build consistency and structure how employees can ask for help. When they are invested in each other’s personal growth, we build a culture where friendships can thrive.
  3. Make recharging a reality – Exhaustion and burnout are not just terms, but they have a huge impact on employees’ productivity as well as mental and physical health. Making sure that employees get a breather and are not having a breakdown is an organization’s responsibility.

Organizations have a responsibility towards their employees, and their health and safety is a key aspect. It is crucial that every individual in the organization feels heard and cared for.

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