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Nexapp Technologies – born in the year 2014, started with an aim to be a part of the revolutionary change in the world of cloud networking. Along with bringing a change, what drives the organization towards great heights is its people.

For any employee, one of the major concerns about working at any organization is the culture and environment of the place. If they will be able to fit in or not? Whether or not the organization will be flexible to their personal and professional needs? If they have an understanding relationship with their peers as well as the management? All these concerns are real and can be a deciding factor for any individual deciding to work at a certain place.

Birthday Celebrations at Nexapp
Nexapp Virtual League (NVL) – Keeping spirits high during lockdown

With the lockdown making us all stay indoors – Nexapp Virtual League (NVL) was what kept us afloat and motivated. A series of virtual games, activities like a treasure hunt and back to school exams – which took us down memory lane.

Secret Santa

However, these worries are kept at bay when one is part of the Nexapp team. With the most recent recognition of “Great Place To Work”, Nexapp is proud to say that life for everyone will be smooth sailing. To add to the feathers, we have also been recognized in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure 2021 in the APAC region. Nexapp keeps its customers first, then its team and later looks at the well-being of oneself. But keeping all the jargons aside, let’s dive into what the life of an employee at Nexapp is. 

There is a lot that goes on in Nexapp. In a day, a week, a month or even a year. A place where we learn and grow together. A regular day starts with morning catching up with one another over chai while everyone is bursting in on to catch up with the previous day’s work. Moving to having lunch breaks together, sharing the dabbas and chatting about all the topics one could possibly think of under the sun. Everyone is free to walk in and talk to someone from a different department – we clearly believe in the open door policy. Major and minor celebrations are reason enough for all to come together and something that we look forward to around the year. Be it monthly birthday celebrations or being someone’s secret Santa for Christmas, it’s something we are excited about. However, it is not all just fun and play. Everyone is constantly pushing each other to bring out the best in them. Be it through regular reviews or just meeting up and bouncing off new ideas. With transparency in the processes makes things easier to understand.

Looking back at the year that one has, things that stand out or highlight the year are always fun times. The laughs, the fun activities, everything that has been learnt and unlearnt. To sum it up, we see ourselves to be grown individuals. More mature and definitely with a great career path for the future. We believe that our key success factors are fun, ownership, speed, quality and passion. We strongly believe that this is the driving force of Nexapp and its team.

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