Nexapp recognized as a Notable Vendor in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant 2021 for WAN Edge Infrastructure in the APAC Region


Gartner – a leading research and advisory company, has been around for years and is a widely known name in the IT and tech market. Providing research, advice and information for various sectors and industries. An immensely repudiated name, Gartner’s Magic Quadrant (MQ) is a compilation of research in a particular market area. Giving a wide-angle view of the leading competitors in various specific markets and industries.

2021 marks a great year for Nexapp Technologies, and we believe that there is much more to come. We began the year by being recognized as a notable vendor for Gartner’s Magic Quadrant 2021 for WAN Edge Infrastructure in the Asia Pacific Region. This comes as a huge honor, as Nexapp is one of the organizations from India to be mentioned in this list alongside a wide list of respected organizations from various APAC countries.

The report highlights a few market differentiators that make the Asia Pacific market stand out and distinguishable. Some of these differentiators are –

  • Diverse market environment – Diversity in the market ranges between different countries. The telecom infrastructure in countries like Taiwan, Singapore and Korea are booming, whereas cloud adoption is currently seen growing at a fast pace in Australia and Singapore. Though India is still in the developing phase, Nexapp is ready for the next big change. 
  • Local SD-WAN equipment vendors – China and India are two such markets that are roaring with locally headquartered SD-WAN vendors. With high-quality competitive products also backed up with effective sales channels and partnerships.
  • Price sensitivity – Pricing is one of the key variants. With the competition that we see in the APAC market right now, costing is something one cannot ignore. The more competition in the market, the more grapple around which company is selling the products at an affordable price.
  • Unique ecosystems – A unique ecosystem consisting of a mix of IT and telecom providers, which include hyperscalers, data centre providers, telcos, strong IT majors and software/system integrators (SIs) in a particular region.

These differentiators largely focus on giving the customers the right information as to where to look to get all the solutions for their managed services and SD-WAN related problems.

With a special emphasis on Nexapp’s clientele, Gartner mentions that “Nexapp’s clientele is distributed over midsize and large enterprises. It has over 400 customers, of which 19 have more than 100 sites-enabled with its Instaroute platform. Nexapp has been successful among manufacturing and financial verticals with its one-stop solution that includes either a subscription service or a DIY/co-managed solution, with managed broadband and last-mile network access including wireless LTE thrown in where required.”

Being one of the few vendors and an emerging talent in the field of SD-WAN industry in India, Nexapp is gradually reaching a stage where they are part of the same race with its global competitors. A one stop shop, Nexapp’s expertise lies in having a quick turnaround time. Nexapp’s Instaroute is a leading cloud delivered 4G LTE based managed integrated SD-WAN solution for B2B, M2M and IoT. Providing services and solutions where the client has the freedom and space to select their preferred connectivity, which is broadband + Sim, 4G single sim or 4G dual sim choice. Along with providing constant assistance and guidance at every step.

Nexapp is a fast-growing enterprise and is on its way to going global. To know more about Nexapp’s services, click on the link Nexapp Technologies

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