Sailing Through Difficult Times With The Right Team


Teams have been an integral part of work culture since time immemorial. There have been numerous discussions, papers written, talks and leaders advocating the importance of team and how it plays a role in the growth of the organization as well as the individual.

In the day and age where we are today, teams are more diverse. Not culturally, but also in the ways each team member thinks and puts their ideas and opinions ahead, making them intellectually richer and vibrant. Research conducted by J. Richard Hackman an Organizational Psychologist shows that apart from attitudes and personalities, certain enabling conditions like compelling direction, a strong structure, a supportive and a shared mindset all play a vital role for a collaborative team to function. As teams grow more and more diverse today, the challenges they face also vary. Among many issues, the pandemic has been a major change that has shaken many teams and organizations. It is during these times where we see unity, strength and a sense of belonging.  

Nexapp has taken considerate measures to make the pandemic comfortable for all members of the team. Apart from providing security and financial support, every individual has provided each other with emotional and psychological support. Individuals taking over a little extra work at times to support their team members if they were going through medical emergencies at home. At a juncture where we are expanding and growing, every individual has been patient and acted as a cushion to help teach the new members and be a strong support to them, while they navigate their way through new situations. For any individual, a sense of belonging is important. It plays a huge role in shaping their place in the team as well as in the organization. Making them feel wanted and motivating them. Along with this everyone has had to re-engineer their way of working and with extreme swiftness adopted the work from a home model, making sure that everyone has smooth and comfortable sailing. Not just helping each other within the team, but also making sure all clients and customers face no difficulties in their businesses, members have come into the office while taking all precautionary measures to make sure critical networks like banks as well as healthcare sectors do not face any issue while they try to save lives.

These teams knowingly, unknowingly become our confidants. A place to vent and share. A group of people who you would fight for. Even though the working environment has changed and the workspace across the globe is evolving. There will always be a team, and crisis will always arise, but hustling together and standing your ground with your team is what makes all of us unique. Even today, everyone is apprehensive about the third wave of covid hitting us, we know that at Nexapp, we will have each other’s backs. The fighting spirit in every individual is the driving force for our organization, making sure we will sail through and come out as victors.

“Tough times don’t last, tough teams, do.”