What are the various forms of wireless communications?


The arrival of wireless communication had taken over the world by a storm.

The shift from being restricted by long telephone cables or internet wires provided not just individuals but organizations in every sector a much-needed boost.

The freedom to be able to make calls on the go, respond to critical emails and share files and data by not being tied to a machine, gave individuals the opportunity to multi-task and explore various aspects of work that hadn’t been touched on before. Along with devices like broadcast radio and satellite have built communication in ways that make people aware of the know how’s of the world.

Today, we focus on the vast array of wireless network communication that we have access to.

  • Bluetooth – With a short distance transmission, bluetooth was one of the first few wireless communication systems that helped transfer data from one device to the other, without incurring additional charges.
  • Wifi – A mode of wireless communication on which the world is dependent now. With a medium range of transmission, wifi can connect multiple devices like mobile phones, laptops or PC’s to other various smart devices to the internet. Sending and receiving data through air, wifi is a necessity at homes and offices.  
  • Satellites – A form of microwave communication, works at transmitting globally. Any information that is transferred is first sent to the satellites, which work as a relay station for microwave signals. Covering over vast areas, distance isn’t an issue here.
  • Broadcast radio – One of the first and wisely used till date, broadcast radio was is one of the most famous forms of wireless communication. Radio transmitters sending out data to receiving antennas. Signals are relatively narrow and waves can be sent via various frequencies.
  • 4G/5G – Known as the future of wireless communication. 4G and 5G being the latest and updated iteration in cellular technology, it has been engineered to provide seamless and responsive wireless connectivity along with speed. Making data transmission over wireless transmission sharp due to the higher availability of bandwidth which is provided via advanced antenna technology.

Wireless communication has undoubtedly changed the face of technology and communication. With new advancements happening in the field day in and day out, there is always something more coming. SpaceX coming up with Starlink satellites on Earth’s lower orbits is something else to watch out for.

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