What should you keep in mind while choosing IoT Connectivity?

One of the most crucial and albeit a daunting tasks while you are in the process of starting a new IoT project is selecting the right connectivity. A connectivity solution that will not only benefit you, but also compliment the project that you are taking on.

The market has a wide variety of selections to offer, which is exactly why wanting to narrow down and select something that may work for your project maybe a daunting task. With the amount of options available and the wide array of selection to choose from, bring with it a lot of responsibility and pressure. You need to keep in mind the aspects of the available hardware and software, along with all the other major contributing factors.

It is always better to have a clear understanding of what your main objective and at what scale would the solution span to. As soon as a niche is selected, it becomes comparatively easier to plan the solution that you need along with the costs and labor.

Here is a list of a few things that you should keep in mind when you go through the tiresome process of finding the right fit for your solution.

  • ReliabilityHaving a reliable supplier isn’t enough. There is more when it comes to finding the right connectivity for your solution that goes way beyond having a great relationship with the supplier, or the supplier have a good track record. What really matters here is relying on the hardware. Making sure that the hardware functions properly and safeguards your IoT project if something unexpected situation arises.
  • Auto-reboot – Rebooting is a preventive measure we all take whenever minor hiccups are encountered, but it is not possible for an individual to always be present when something like this occurs. That is where the auto-reboot function comes in handy. It helps with performing regular reboots, which in turn re-establishes the internet connectivity, which in turn helps with minimizing system downtime and need for maintenance.
  • Failover – Failover is another function that makes sure your device has constant internet connectivity. If for whatever reason, the primary connection goes down, this function makes sure that the device automatically shifts to the secondary connectivity with stable speed.
  • Ease Of Use – The scale of your solution determines the way you need to monitor and control the IoT device with complete efficiency. The key aspect to remember here is to make sure that you have the freedom to troubleshoot and change the settings in the device if the need ever does arise, without the need for physically being present, which also helps in save cost. As well as making sure to have easy installation options. Nexapp Technologies offers you products with various connection types. Instaroute’s legacy of connections makes IoT solutions extremely easy to install.
  • Firewall and VPN – Security is something that none of us can take lightly. VPN and Firewall are two of the most prominent security features. A VPN helps with creating a safe access between private networks remotely situated also helps with encrypting data. The Firewall has a set of rules on who can have access to the network and devices, and helps with acting as a barrier between secured and unsecured networks.

To quickly wrap things up, it is crucial that you consider these points in mind while making a decision. Be sure to checkout Nexapp’s extensive inventory of Instaroute devices to make the right choice.

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