22 SD-WAN Features To Look Forward To In 2022


2021 has been all things but a crazy whirlwind of a year. With the ups and downs of the pandemic, along with many enterprises starting with offline offices, while many still prevailing the WFH module.

But with many things and places opening up now, with 2022 emerging, we have a lot of things to look forward to. As everything is changing and developing, the world of networking and connectivity is not far behind. We all are aware that SD-WAN has created a huge buzz around town by becoming a fully transformed and mature technology, and rightly so. But there are many features to keep an eye out for in 2022. Let’s find out what these features are :-

  1. Reduce Backhaul Traffic
  2. Multi – Cloud Connectivity
  3. Secure and Reliable Remote Access
  4. Emerging SD-Branch
  5. Using 5G as an SD-WAN transport
  6. AI and ML being a game changer
  7. Rise in Managed Services
  8. SD-WAN enabling Edge Computing Model
  9. Zero-Touch Provisioning
  10. Encryption Key Rotation
  11. Multiplexed VPNs
  12. Application Aware Routing
  13. Programmatic APIs
  14. Optimized Cloud Connectivity
  15. Data Analytics
  16. End-to end micro segmentation
  17. Service Chaining
  18. Fixed Wireless Connectivity
  19. Next Generation Security
  20. Flexible Connection Options
  21. Centralized Management
  22. WAN virtualization

This is just the beginning of a greater and much smoother way into connectivity and networking in 2022. A lot more to come and to look forward to. To learn more about such topics, subscribe to our newsletter at Nexapp Technologies.