5G, LTE, and SD-WAN! Three features, one solution?

3 Features, 1 solution

Internet of Things (IoT) is something that is inevitable in current times. Everywhere we look, and everywhere we go, we are surrounded by everything that is the internet. Starting from stores to offices to malls and our homes, the dependency on the internet as a whole has exceeded 10x, not knowing or daring to imagine a life without it.

Today offices, stores, e-commerce platforms, healthcare sectors, etc are so heavily dependent on the internet to run their business, it is crucial for these enterprises to stay up to date with the evolution of technology. To be relevant as well to work efficiently and provide the customers with the best possible results.

With more IoT devices, cloud-based apps, along with high agility as well as exponential usage and traffic, making data security is more important than ever. Keeping this in mind, organizations are now opting for a smarter option, highly automated SD-WAN routers.

There are many networking challenges that prevail. With the ever-increasing networking needs in various locations, it becomes a challenge to meet these broad needs when there is a need to expand the network stack. Along with managing and troubleshooting on-site networks during a pandemic, it becomes difficult for the technicians to visit locations.

Three Features. One Solution?

With the amount of networking challenges that prevail, it becomes complicated to hunt for alternative options and/or find solutions. Especially when time becomes a constraint and things need to be fast-tracked.

That’s where Instaroute comes into play.

A prime aspect that helps run any business or enterprise these days is the connectivity and bandwidth provided by the service provider. A lot rides on their backs. With a small setback in connectivity for a few minutes, a lot can be lost for organizations. Thus, Nexapp’s hybrid SD-WAN model for networking via Instaroute.

SD-WAN has gradually made its place in the market and has garnered a lot of trust and loyalty, we have seen a huge shift in enterprises eager to make a move to SD-WAN and its offerings. With LTE, 4G, and now the wait for 5G in SD-WAN, Instaroute brings us just that. All the features, under one roof. Instaroute’s hybrid wan model provides us with benefits for smooth sailing of business.

All In One Benefits –

  • Enhanced uptime – Taking the Hybrid option gives the organization a choice to switch between networks. If one network seizes to give sufficient bandwidth, the alternative can play the role of a backup network and provide high speed without interrupting the business flow.
  • Remote management – Zero touch and agile deployment at customer premises. Along with providing remote and on site support for site deployment. Also helps with installation & commissioning which provides a step by step guidance for installation of the product and helping set up the device with the easy plug and play model. Creating a simple and hassle free environment for clients along with end to end deployment with complete ownership. As well as monitoring WAN performance.
  • Last Mile Services – The single point of contact for all ISP related management. Nexapp has a tie up with over 500 MSO’s for managed broadband, 4G and 3G to provide last mile services.
  • Reporting and analytics – all services we offer reports of uptime and downtime, tickets being solved. timely reports to the customer, analytics.

Instaroute is here and is changing the way we look at networking and connectivity now. With more flexibility, businesses are growing and flourishing. And this is only the start. To know more about SD-WAN and Instaroute, subscribe to our newsletter at Nexapp Technologies.