Connectivity on Wheels


What is the one thing that you see when you look outside your window? Or the sound that constantly keeps buzzing in the background? The sight of traffic rolling around the city. Be it big buses or ambulances. The sirens and honking are always heard.

Mobility is transforming today. In the day and age where we are, mobility is just not limited to transporting, but has grown into a much wider and broader branch of connectivity.

With everything and everyone being connected to one another through the internet, vehicles aren’t far behind either, and rightly so. Starting from ambulances to patrol cars and first responders, it has become crucial for these vehicles to constantly stay connected to one another and the headquarters.

So before diving in to the what and why’s on the need for connectivity on wheels, lets look into where we find it

  • Ambulances
  • Patrol Cars / Police cruisers
  • Fire brigades
  • Tour Buses
  • Fleets
  • Trains
  • Mobile ATMs
  • Public Transport

These vehicles, in some capacity are required to have access to constant internet connectivity for efficient functioning and sustaining daily activities. For them to constantly send critical data from the field securely and in the most efficient way, so the backend team is prepared with the facts and information with the real time happenings and where the units are on the field, and when to dispatch backend support.

With ambulances, the feasibility to update the hospital on the patient’s condition so everything is ready to go as soon as they arrive.

To achieve reliable, sustainable and capable communication a reliable, sustainable and capable network connectivity is required. Incoming Instaroute.

Instaroute On Wheels

To perform activities where constant vigilance and alertness is required, thinking about technology should be the last thing on one’s mind. That is something we abide by, where clients think about their business and leave all the networking to us.

Nexapp Instaroute services delivered via wireless edge routers, unlocks the power of mobile broadband making it possible for field-based organizations and transit providers to connect vehicles and on-board IoT to critical applications and the cloud, everywhere they go.

How is Instaroute making a difference?

  • Keeping vehicles connected is a crucial aspect here. With SD-WAN intelligence ensures constant connectivity along with optimizing traffic across LTE and 5G, making sure in-vehicle connectivity for individuals.
  • For sharing critical and sensitive data to and fro, Instaroute SD-WAN provides this transfer with ease, utmost security and best in-class wireless vehicle solution.
  • One cloud platform is used to configure, deploy and manage all wireless routers in vehicles, as well as providing advanced analytics for increased visibility.
  • Vehicles operating in various locations, Instaroute is capable to withstand extreme environment and support LTE and 5G connectivity.

Nexapp’s Instaroute is making a difference in various areas and walks of life, making connectivity and networking a smooth sailing journey. To learn more about Instaroute SD-WAN for mobility, head over to Nexapp Technologies.