How Is Temporary Network Transforming Connectivity?


We humans have reached a time and place in life where things have to be instant. Things have to be done in a jiffy. Need a quick response or get work done ASAP.

So much so that businesses today are evolving and reinventing the way they work, solely to offer quick solutions.

Technology and networking are at the forefront to drive such a change. In this age of wanting things instantly, yet another thing that is creating space for itself the mortality things. There are times when the requirement of things is temporary. The requirement is only for a shorter duration and not permanent.

With the heavy dependency on connectivity and constant usage of network and internet, there are certain situations where the need for right connectivity and appropriate bandwidth is required, but for a short period of what. This is where Temporary Networks come into play.

Understanding Temporary Network

We have now spoken about impermanence and why it is slowly taking place around us. But let’s now understand what exactly is a temporary network and what exactly is the buzz about?

Temporary Network is exactly what the name suggests. Network connectivity for temporary settings or situations. Locations which needs to be relocated or moved constantly like construction sites across acres of land, for example, Network set up for ATMs at concerts, construction sites, temporary covid centers, healthcare tents or camps, booths at events, seasonal storefronts all this and many more such situations where the need for quick access to internet and connectivity is needed all come under what is now known as Temporary Network. All these places require temporary connectivity that is secure, easy to deploy, and can be monitored and managed from anywhere.

Network Requirement for Temporary Network

To attend to the connectivity needs in such settings, the traditional wired lines are not beneficial for businesses to function smoothly. For temporary locations, wired lines turn out to be extremely time-consuming as well as expensive along with jeopardizing business goals. To avoid this, wireless LTE solutions have come into the picture.

Today, LTE and 5G are transforming the face of temporary networking, which is providing a more agile and resilient way of networking. With the feasibility of providing instant network and connectivity anytime, anywhere – wireless edge routers unlock the power of LTE and 5G.

Instaroute At Play

As it goes unsaid, connectivity is now the crux of any communication. Be it verbal or virtual. From withdrawing cash at events to getting constant bandwidth and access at construction sites and seasonal up-and-about stores. A delay in network access is something that is not affordable for enterprises. This is where Insatroute comes to the rescue, along with reducing the large overhead cost of infrastructure installations.

Instaroute is an all-in-one solution providing edge routers, whose sole aim is to ensure immediate connectivity with high speed and bandwidth. Its centrally managed wireless plug n play solution eradicates the need for building in wired lines and shifting it to various locations. Along with providing the freedom and flexibility to choose any connection configuration.

Benefits of Instaroute for Temporary Network Settings

Instaroute is a wireless plug n play connectivity solution provider, has many benefits as compared to traditional wired connectivity. Some of the benefits are:-

  • Day 1quick and easy deployment
  • Tailored solutions provided in line with business requirements
  • Automatic network failover
  • Customized traffic prioritization via SD-WAN technology,
  • Remote management & troubleshooting,
  • Highly reliable remote connectivity
  • Visibility, monitoring & traffic management via Instaroute dashboard
  • Cost effective irrespective of site location
  • Comprehensive network security anywhere
  • Instaroute ensures quick response to organization’s network needs

Temporary networks are seeing a giant leap in installations, and Instaroute is right there to meet these demands. To find out more about Instaroute and its role in setting up temporary networks, check out Nexapp Technologies.