What are the opportunities in the Indian SD-WAN market?


Technology and networking in India is one of the most relevant topics right now. A growing market, the Indian market is exploding in this sector. SD-WAN has gained a tremendous amount of publicity in this market as well. But what exactly is the scene in the Indian market when it comes to SD-WAN? Let’s find out.

APAC countries have been growing at an exponential rate and are at par with the other western countries. India falling in this category as well. India plays a vital role in the SD-WAN needs, keeping in mind various market differentiators like the diverse market environment, price sensitivity, specific security requirements and the unique ecosystem, and catering to all these needs.

Digital transformation has become imperative for enterprises to gain a competitive edge. SD-WAN today is no more a new and unique way of networking and connectivity but is competing with the mainstream connectivity options like MPLS based VPN. Enterprises are ahead in the digital transformation curve and are driving business transformation and innovation via the adoption of digital technologies. They are also geared up to adopt SD-WAN services and are accelerating towards a cloud-first strategy if the switch hasn’t already been made. Most organizations have made digital transformation their top priority as they aim to deliver more agile, simple, scalable, and cost-efficient services to their customers. Followed by cloud infrastructure deployment and artificial intelligence.

India, seen as the Top 5 economies, today as more than 636.73 million internet subscribers and 1,156.44 million wireless subscribers, we have become a digital market. This leads to always having a huge demand for newer and better networking approaches.

IDC predicted that SD-WAN technology will grow at a 30.8% compound annual growth rate from 2018 to 2023 to reach $5.25 billion. In addition, SD-WAN traffic will grow five-fold from 2017 to 2022, a compound annual growth rate of 37 per cent.

Drivers Behind The Technological Transformation in India

India is one of the few countries to witness the adoption of advanced state-of-art technology. SD-WAN has taken a leap of faith by providing affordable, reliable and dynamic connectivity rendering to all small and big enterprises.

Some of the drivers responsible for this boom are:-

  • Digital Transformation – Corporate giants making a move into all spheres of business, be it marketing, sales to advertisement, are all opting for a digital first model. Along with the population who has a mobile first approach, where everything is a click away, digital transformation has impacted the market immensely and at a lighting fast speed.
  • Cloud First – Adoption of the cloud first approach has gained all the traction it required. Making data extremely secure and safe along with having minimum expenditure at data centers. Leading to the need for consistent and cost efficient bandwidth.  
  • Broadband all around – Telecom companies in India have made it a point to connect all corners of the country, providing even the remotest part with internet and connectivity. Under the Digital India initiative, the government has tried to deploy broadband to every part of the country. Making it the backbone of the nation and using SD-WAN will be the first choice for upgrading the network infrastructure

India has adopted SD-WAN at a rapid speed nationwide, West being the major adopter of the technology, followed by South, North and East. Various industries are taking this up, from banking to financial services, to energy as well as manufacturing and hospitality and many more. The Indian market is booming and will continue to use this technology.

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